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PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION LINGERIE-creating a perfect contour and well-balanced posture.Ensure that you can achieve immediate desirable results safely without medication and operation Chiropractic Therapy Far Infrared Rays.Cut based on the body's three-dimensional design using stereoscopic infrared rays for absolute precision and delicacy.The infrared rays help improve the elasticity and firmness of the breasts while promoting their development. Akwatek® polyester and Akwadyne® nylon,is the basic material fabrics used in this products.

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Detachable and adjustable straps; can be worn 4 styles.  Three piece of dimensional clipping design, provide  comfortable   support to breast.  Unique stereoscopic soft polythene will provide fitting comfortably  to upper part of body. Unique elastic cups, provide firmness and support. Help achieve remedial effects inside and outside of the body and  promote the beauty of bodyline and performance of bodily  mechanism. Beautiful ultra ¨C soft wire coils are specially designed to outline a finely contoured and trim body as well as  firmly uphold the backbone and straighten posture. Unique design of Corset tailored to conceal a sagging belly as well as provide an attractive hip contour. Three pairs of Hook ¨C and ¨C Eye give you safe and comfortable  flexibility.
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